Friday, July 21, 2017

autolink-java framework

I have been looking for a good and simple "Java library to extract links (URLs, email addresses) from plain text". I was searching on Github and found this little gem called autolink-java by Robin Stocker (robinst).

This library was used in a proof-of-concept (POC) I was working on at work. We needed to be able to extract all of the links from a page, and display them. This includes hyperlinks and email addresses. This little gem met the bill, and was quick to parse the text file I used.

The example requires the following maven dependencies:
This framework extracted a list of URLs from a file that looks like this:
As you can see, it generates a nice extraction of the URLs from the surrounding text. Give it a try and let me know what you think.

The project has been uploaded to Bitbucket and can be found here: autolink-java-extractor.

Coming Back Online

It has been a while since I wrote a blog post on technology. I was trying to figure out my place in the world both professionally, and personally. Everyone has a personal journey. I think mine has just begun again. Over my short life, I have done all sorts of amazing, and some not so amazing things.

One of the things I know is that I need to get back to technology blogging. I have been using all sorts of cool technology, and some frameworks that get things done. Are they always the best... not always, but they solve problems that we face as developers. Sometimes we need something to convert a File to a List<String> objects. Sometimes it is reading a list of String values and finding a URL in the list.

Hopefully, I can give some talented developers a kudo for a good tool, or framework. Perhaps this will be my way of saying thank you.

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