About Me

I am John Yeary. I am a futurist and technologist. I believe in the spirit of community. We together can make the world a better place. Technology has the power to improve the lives of our fellow man. It also has the power to destroy us all.

We as a society must try to understand how we transform the world around us!

In 1984, we had a vision of the future where we were connected. The fear of "Big Brother" was just science fiction. Today, we have "smart" phones with geographical location, and cameras. Youtube, Flickr, and Picasa are a click away. Social sites have broken down privacy so that we have come to accept "friending" as a social norm with all of its barriers to privacy abandoned.

This is not to say that technology is so scary. Geo-location can save lives, it can help farmers control planting, keeping in touch with family and friends is a click away. Twitter can tell us when something like an earthquake is happening before the official information is reported. Facebook can lead to social revolution like the "Arab Spring".

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