Saturday, October 28, 2006

Greenville Java Users Group Graduates Incubator

Finally I have had a chance to complete the steps required to graduate the GreenJUG site from the incubator. I still need lots of assistance from the Java user community to make our JUG a success, but this will come with time and perseverance.

I have asked for some items to give away at meetings from Sun, O'Reilly, and JetBrains. Sun and O'Reilly have really stepped up to offer a bunch of goodies. We will see if JetBrains will offer some goodies.


Glen Peterson said...

My wife and I just moved to Spartanburg County, SC and I'm interested in what Green JUG is doing. I've been programming since 1979, professionally since 1992, using Java since 2000. Not sure how to give you my contact information without posting it on the web for spammers to harvest. Maybe leaving this comment is enough.

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