Wednesday, November 07, 2007

JavaOne 2008 Tools and Languages Review Team

I have been given quite an honor this year to help as an external reviewer for papers submitted for JavaOne 2008. The review team consisted of a number of great folks from the world of Java. The team included the Java Posse: Dick Wall, Tor Norbye, Carl Quinn, and Joe Nuxoll, Cay Horstmann, Fabiane Nardon, Adam Myatt, John Brock, Sharat Chander, David Folk, Gregg Sporar, and Petr Suchomel. It was quite an honor to be among such a terrific cast of reviwers.

We completed the task in a timely manner, and I am very pleased with the great submissions for this year at JavaOne. There was a lot of thought and consideration given to the proposals. We had over 300+ submissions to examine for merit. In the end, our whole team felt that we had a banner year for submissions. I hope all of the folks at JavaOne appreciate the selections.


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