Friday, February 01, 2008

Java Generics and Collections

The Java Generics book provides an in-depth analysis of the new Generics and Collections APIs in Java 5 and 6. The book provides a level of detail on this new technology that can not be found elsewhere. This book is generally not for a novice programmer due to the level of architectural details and theory. It provides a seasoned programmer with a comprehensive examination of why and how the Generics and Collections APIs were modified, as well as, the design decisions and impact. The book provides the programmer with the information they need to make informed decisions on which type of Collection to use, and the associated pitfalls based on design decisions.

The only issue I found with the book was that it did not provide enough concrete examples. The code was provided generally in code snippets which do not provide enough detail.

The book is a definite choice for the advanced Java programmer and architect. If you are serious about learning these new technologies: this is the book to get.


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