Thursday, May 22, 2008

Using PHP Add-On (Plugin) on Sun Java System Web Server 7.0

Sun has a great product in its Web Server, but the PHP plugin (Web Server 7.0 PHP Add-On 1.0) is almost completely useless. It will do PHP perfectly well, but who simply uses just PHP.

There are a number of extensions that are available for PHP which are available. The plugin is a very vanilla compilation of PHP 5. Sun should have compiled the plugin with most, or all of the available extensions. This would have made the plugin a complete drop-in replacement for using PHP on Apache.

There is hope... The plugin is based on PHP 5.2.0. I have a simple set of instructions on how to use the binary from the PHP archive site for Windows to replace the missing functionality.

  1. Go to PHP Releases page and download the Windows binary.
  2. Unzip the binary files.
  3. Shutdown the Web Server administration site, and any instances.
  4. Go to the plugin directory and zip up the php plugin just in case... My directory is located in C:\Program Files\Sun\WebServer7\plugins.
  5. Copy the extensions directory from the unzipped files to the plugin directory.
  6. Copy the php.exe and php-cgi.exe to the plugin directory
  7. Copy the .dll files from the unzipped files in the root directory to the plugin directory.
  8. From a command line run php -v from the plugin directory. If it is missing any files that it needs, it should report them. Copy the missing files to the directory.
  9. Restart the instances and make sure the logs are clear.
The list below represents the .dll files which I have in my php plugin directory.
  • gds32.dll
  • libeay32.dll
  • libmcrypt.dll
  • libmhash.dll
  • libmysql.dll
  • libswish-e.dll
  • msql.dll
  • ntwdblib.dll
  • php5ts.dll
  • php_bz2.dll
  • php_curl.dll
  • php_dba.dll
  • php_dbase.dll
  • php_exif.dll
  • php_fdf.dll
  • php_gd2.dll
  • php_gettext.dll
  • php_gmp.dll
  • php_ifx.dll
  • php_imap.dll
  • php_interbase.dll
  • php_ldap.dll
  • php_mbstring.dll
  • php_mcrypt.dll
  • php_mhash.dll
  • php_mime_magic.dll
  • php_ming.dll
  • php_msql.dll
  • php_mssql.dll
  • php_mysql.dll
  • php_mysqli.dll
  • php_oci8.dll
  • php_openssl.dll
  • php_pdo.dll
  • php_pdo_firebird.dll
  • php_pdo_mssql.dll
  • php_pdo_mysql.dll
  • php_pdo_oci.dll
  • php_pdo_oci8.dll
  • php_pdo_odbc.dll
  • php_pdo_pgsql.dll
  • php_pdo_sqlite.dll
  • php_pgsql.dll
  • php_pspell.dll
  • php_shmop.dll
  • php_snmp.dll
  • php_soap.dll
  • php_sockets.dll
  • php_sqlite.dll
  • php_sybase_ct.dll
  • php_tidy.dll
  • php_xmlrpc.dll
  • php_xsl.dll
  • php_zip.dll
  • ssleay32.dll

Good luck and let me know how it works for you. I will see about posting an enhancement request to Sun to incorporate all of the extensions on version 2.0 of the add-on.


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