Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Disabling Apache POI Logging

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In order to effectively disable the logging functionality in Apache POI you must use an alternative logger. This is accomplished by providing a property to the POILogFactory to override the default logger. Examining the partial code from the POILogFactory, we see that we can pass a logger name into it.

public static POILogger getLogger(final String cat)
        POILogger logger = null;
        // If we haven't found out what logger to use yet,
        //  then do so now
        // Don't look it up until we're first asked, so
        //  that our users can set the system property
        //  between class loading and first use
        if(_loggerClassName == null) {
         try {
          _loggerClassName = System.getProperty("org.apache.poi.util.POILogger");//<<---------- Logger Name
         } catch(Exception e) {}
         // Use the default logger if none specified,
         //  or none could be fetched
         if(_loggerClassName == null) {
          _loggerClassName = _nullLogger.getClass().getName();
So we need to simply set the Logger property which can be accomplished from the command line. We will use the Apache Commons Logging Library to accomplish it.
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