Sunday, January 30, 2011

NetBeans IDE (I Don't Envy) Oracle Question

oRAclE by Bert Breeman
Last week I was an attendee at the IOUC/JUG Leaders Summit held at Oracle. During the course of the week, we had a couple of presentations where it was mentioned that Oracle would continue to enhance JDeveloper, and provide resources for NetBeans.

Curiously, the presenters mentioned Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse (OEPE) a number of times. The disturbing part was that it was mentioned twice (I am sure of it) was that Oracle is a good friend to the Eclipse community, and sits on the Eclipse Foundation Board. The other JUG leaders also took note of it, and it was a dinner and drinks topic. The other leaders noted it, but we all decided that it was "true" so nothing more came of it.

Let us advance a couple of days...

I see a twitter message about dropping Ruby support in NetBeans. The room was probably not even clean yet from the conference when the announcement came out. Oracle had very carefully crafted the event, topics, discussions (except the un-conference), etc. It was very well done. The respective executives, directors, department heads, and technical leads were present. Every "i" dotted, and every "o" covered. A well "O"iled machine. The JUG leaders are largely NetBeans users though some use other IDEs like Eclipse, and IntelliJ IDEA. This would have been important to a number of us (including me). It IS possible that someone at Oracle missed the communications stream, and failed to mention it at a large meeting. This IS possible. I don't want to spread FUD, but if it is a major miss by Oracle communications. It is like the picture above...lacking a few letters.

Here is some information that is NOT FUD:

To maintain that objective and capitalize on the JDK 7 release
themes--multi-language support, developer productivity and
performance--it is necessary that our engineering resources are
committed to a timely and quality release of NetBeans IDE 7.0. 

Second: Although our Ruby support has historically been well received,
based on existing low usage trends we are unable to justify the
continued allocation of resources to support the feature.

The bold sections above seem to contradict the stated support by Oracle of the NetBeans team.

The Grand Canyon was started as a trickle that eroded a rock solid foundation.  Seventeen million years ago we could have have hopped the stream. Today there is no way to close the gap, and the rift continues.  My question is this the trickle?


John Yeary said...

I modified the remarks since a JUG leader pointed out that the I should not broadly add the Java Champions to it, but I believe a number of the leaders use NetBeans. This was based on a question I asked about its use.

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