Monday, September 10, 2012

JSF 2.1 Tip of the Day: Using <iframe /> Elements with PrimeFaces

Carousel and LightBox
We have some requirements on a project I am working on to display <iframe /> elements which are connected to external pages within our JSF pages. Since JSF supports template language such as plain HTML, we could directly use an <iframe /> in the page. However, it would not match up with our existing page layouts.

PrimeFaces offers a component called a Light Box (<p:lightBox />) which supports <iframe /> elements directly. You can see an example from the PrimeFaces showcase for how to use it.

I thought I would share a more interesting approach using a <p:caraousel /> object to display multiple <iframe /> elements in a more "sexy" approach.

The cool thing is that the code is really easy to implement!

The code was developed using NetBeans 7.2 and Apache Maven. The code can be downloaded here:



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