Friday, October 05, 2012

JavaOne 2012: MICE and men

I attended a wonderful presentation on MICE (MASE) from the NATO Defence Programme as part of development on the NetBeans Platform. I was impressed with how NATO looked at NetBeans and understood what many of us already knew; NetBeans platform should be the first choice for doing Rich Client (Swing) development.

NATO was able to take advantage of common functionality provided by the platform like file handling, and user options, this left them to focus on the business of developing an air defense program. This is the way it development should be.

I had a great opportunity to talk with Angelo D' Agnano, one of the principal developers, at JavaOne. I was very excited to be able to give them a Duke's Choice Award at JavaOne. It was well deserved. The follow on talks just confirmed how cool it is.

Check out the The NetBeans Zone article on Dzone: Updated NATO Air Defence Solution Based on the NetBeans Platform

It will not disappoint.


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