Friday, September 06, 2013

Apache Commons File Upload Servlet Example

I was doing some code cleanup, and found this servlet that does file upload using Apache Commons Fileupload.

I have a couple of other articles and code that are better, but I thought I would publish this just as another example. I did a quick code search and it appears I was using some code example snippets from the Apache Commons fileupload site, some forum posts, and an article OnJava on the O'Reilly & Associates site: Using the Jakarta Commons, Part 1.

Simply put, the provenance of this code is questionable. If you contributed to it, please send me a link to your code and I will add your name to the authors list. I don't want to claim the code as my own since I am sure I got it from multiple F/OSS sources.

Here are some of the other articles which I am sure I know about:
Here is the servlet code: apache-commons-file-upload


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