Tuesday, March 22, 2016

JSF 2.2 Tip of the Day: Using ValueExpressions and VariableMapper to set EL using a PhaseListener

The title seems like a mouthful, and it is. I had some code which I used to demonstrate how to set EL values using a PhaseListener. I was going to delete the code when I decided that it was the second time someone in a short span of time asked me the same question, and I should post how to do it.

The use of a PhaseListener to set EL values seems to the casual observer like Voodoo magic. You will see the EL expressions on the page, and they magically seem to populate. In some ways it is like a classical interceptor which can make your code really seem magical, and lead to confusion. This approach though has its place, and if used correctly can solve a lot of issues. One example is determining if a <ui:include src="XXX" rendered="#{EL_VARIABLE_HERE}" /> should render.

It can also be used to set the src value on the fly. An always popular question on how to resolve.

The project can be found on GitHub here: jsf-ve-phaselistener

So the output looks like a nice set of name value pairs using the Greek alphabet as variable names.


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