Thursday, September 10, 2009

Beans Binding Part Deux

I have really enjoyed using the Beans Binding Framework (JSR-295) in the past. It was a really good start to making Swing a more usable platform doing client development. The project and JSR have been left abandoned by Sun. In large measure this was the result of development work done by Sun on JavaFX.

The really painful part of JavaFX currently is based on two items:
  1. No table (grid) component.
  2. No data providers to make binding to a database easy.
The result is a nearly useless framework for business developers who don't need shiny new baubles. I need Swing to work.

I am not the only person who feels this way. Fabrizio Giudici has created a project on to address the shortcomings: Better Beans Binding. He took the original JSR-295 code and forked it to create the new project. The package names have remained the same to allow a drop in replacement for the current beans binding framework without breaking anything. I am excited that Fabrizio has decided to do this project. I am hopeful that others wil join the project and make "better beans binding" a reality for the business users and others who need to make Swing just work.


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