Friday, September 11, 2009

Using JTabbedPane on Swing Application Framework (JSR-296)

I was trying to figure out how to set the selected tab for a multi-tab JTabbedPane on my Swing Application Framework application. I thought that a quick Google search would have a simple answer. This was not the case. I found a post on a forum where a number of other people were wondering how to do it. So here is a summary of how I did it.

On the Frameview, I added a method as show below:

public void setSelectedTab (Integer tabIndex) {

The tabPanel in my case is the JTabbedPane instance.

In the SingleFrameApplication, I modified the startup() method to display the tab I want.

Note: You must set it after a call to show() the FrameView

protected void startup() {
FrameViewImpl frameView = new FrameViewImpl(this);
//This must be done after the GUI is displayed


Unknown said...

Thanks...I was having an issue with setSelectedIndex() not working (kept showing the last opened tab) until I found your clue on doing it after showing the frame.

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