Thursday, September 30, 2010

JavaFX: Why you should not drink Kool-Aid

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F3 (Form Follows Function) was the original name of the language in 2005. Now we are 2010, and JavaFX (new name) is still yet to be realized. I started development with JavaFX in alpha/beta stages. When the first official release came out, all my code broke with Scenes, and Stages. The code was released incomplete, and failed to have at least a minimum matching set of components for Swing.

Now after 5 years, Oracle has decided to "kill" the scripting. The license is not open, and they expect us (developers) to trust "JavaFX 2.0+"?

I drank the Project Woodstock (Visual JSF) and JavaFX Kool-AId. Shame on me for not learning the first time.

I am going to wait and see, but Q3 2011 is probably to late for me... and JavaFX.
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