Thursday, September 30, 2010

WebP: Why settle for less

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Cnet broke the news this morning about Google's WebP technology which is a "lossy" image codec which can reduce a image to about 40% smaller than a JPEG. The premise is that the more images that a consumer can look at, the more money that Google can rake in.

Does anyone else find this a cheap bait-and-switch?

I like to think I am open to new technologies, but this seems like a blatant downgrade of our current technologies. Yes, their could be an argument for smaller images for cellular phones and limited network bandwidth.

I want better images! I want images where you can enlarge them, make them a wallpaper, or show your kids; and I don't want them "lossy" 40% less than a JPEG.

I will need to wait for complete judgment until there is a browser which supports it so I can compare them with other image formats.

Until then, thanks Google with about 40% less enthusiasm.

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