Saturday, March 26, 2011

NetBeans Google App Engine Plugin - Changing Deployment Settings

The current Google App Engine plugin for NetBeans does not have a UI interface to change the username and password that it has saved. It also does not display its properties in Preferences tab. The only way to change the stored username and password is to modify the file located in .netbeans/6.9/config/Preferences/org/netbeans/modules/j2ee/appengine

You simply need to change the email address and password in this file. Hopefully, the development will continue on this plugin to add this functionality in the future.


Jeff Schwartz said...

The plugin for NetBeans pails in comparison to the one Google directly supports and provides for Eclipse. It would be an asset to NetBeans users if Google would provide their own plugin for NetBeans, too.

John Yeary said...

I asked David Chandler from Google about that. He said in the short term that they were going to focus on Eclipse.

If I were to read the tea leaves, I imagine that they are not going to do anything with Oracle owned technologies until the lawsuit is over.

I hope I am wrong, but NetBeans is so much easier to use than Eclipse, and it would be nice to have the extra support.

Boris Folgmann said...

I've written a blog posting about how-to use the plug-in in current NetBeans 6.9.1.

John Yeary said...

This is similar to my post NetBeans 6.9.1 and Google App Engine, but has some additional details.

Thanks for posting it.

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