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JCP Elections 26 April - 09 May 2011

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The JCP is holding elections for the open Executive Committee seats. This includes ratified seats, and openly elected seats. If you are a JCP member, or would like to vote (you must join JCP to vote), please do so. It is so important for the community to make sure that it is adequately represented. In order for the JCP to function, we need dedicated individuals who can rise above the current tumult, and deliver a positive message. We need focus to be on the Java Community Process, and not on political infighting.

As a JCP member, I have cast my ballot. Have you?

Oracle's nominations for the two open ratified seats on the SE/EE Executive Committee are:
  • The Brazilian Java User Group SouJava, represented by Bruno Souza
  • Goldman Sachs, represented by John Weir
The nominees for the open elected seats on the Executive Committee are:
  • Alex Terrazas - ME
  • Central Ohio Java Users Group - SE/EE
  • George Gastaldi - SE/EE
  • Siddique Hameed - SE/EE
  • Liferay, Inc. - SE/EE
  • London Java Community - SE/EE

I would like to encourage all voting members to ratify Bruno Souza (Representing SouJava). Bruno has been the face of the Java community for many years. He is internationally recognized, and truly represents the heart of the Java community.

The other elected seats include two Java Users Groups: Central Ohio Users Group and London Java Community. I would encourage all voting members to vote for the Java User Groups (JUG) community membership. These groups represent the diversity of the JUG community, and have community interests rather than corporate interests at their heart.

Dan Sline represents the Central Ohio Users Group and I would encourage JCP members to consider him. Otherwise, please consider voting for the London Java Community. It is vitally important to support the communities that are here to serve you.
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