Friday, December 30, 2011

JAX-RS Tip of the Day: Automatic Mapping of Jettison JSON Objects

One of the more interesting features in JAX-RS (Jersey) is the ability to automatically "wrap" POJOs. This combined with automatic wrapping of JAXB annotated beans, and using Jackson to create JSON objects is a powerful mix. However, sometimes we want to wrap an object, and add some additional metadata.

This tip is a very simple tip which allows you to create Jettison JSONObject, and JSONArray objects to create new objects, "wrap" existing objects, or add additional metadata. I mention "wrap" the objects, please don't confuse this with JSONP.

To enable automatic POJO mapping, and Jettison objects add the following to the web.xml
This simple configuration will give you considerable flexibility in how you handle your objects. This will now allow you to produce JSONObjects like the code example below:


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