Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Multiple File Upload Examples

I received an email today from a developer who was looking for examples of how to do multiple file uploads. I had written a post previously Multiple File Upload Options which detailed some of the options available. The option I recommended was Andrew Valums ajax-upload. The developer had indicated that the servlet I contributed was not working with Internet Explorer correctly. He was correct.

The code that I provided to Andrew Vallums was expecting application/octet-stream. However Internet Explorer and Opera were sending multipart/form-data. This would not work with the servlet example I posted since the handling mechanism is considerably different.

Alan O'Driscoll and I discovered the differences using Wireshark to sniff the packets and see what was being sent over the wire. As a result, I have written a new servlet to handle the differences between browsers.

The example application I wrote has a number of different examples included with minor variations on the theme. The version most folks are interested in is example #6 which uses the ajax-upload, and the new servlet. Here is the Apache Maven project which was developed on NetBeans and tested on GlassFish v 2.1.1.

Here is a link to the Mercurial project: apache-file-upload-ee5.

Here is another resource for file upload plugins: 9 Powerful jQuery File Upload Plugins. I discovered it while I was looking for something else.


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