Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Netbeans License Templates

I have created a couple of license templates for use in Netbeans.

1. You will need to go to Tools -->Templates -->User Configuration Properties -->User.properties and Open in Editor

2. Update the user property to your name. Add another line called company and provide the company name.

# Here, or in other properties files in this directory, you can define
# various properties that you want to make available to the template
# processor while creating various templates.

# uncomment the next line and specify your user name to be used
# in new templates
user=John Yeary
company=Blue Lotus Software, LLC

3. Next download the licenses you are interested in from below.

4. Go to Tools -->Templates -->Licenses and click on the Add button.

5. Select the license file you downloaded.

6. To use the license, edit the project.properties file and add project.license= to match the license, i.e., bsd, mit, etc.

7. The license name is based on the format license-XXXX.txt


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