Saturday, January 24, 2009

Building Collaborative CRUD Applications With ICEfaces and NetBeans Tutorial

I spent yesterday afternoon getting the ICEFaces modules installed in NetBeans 6.5 and trying the Building Collaborative CRUD Applications With ICEfaces and NetBeans tutorial on the ICEFaces site. This time, unlike the last time I tried it, it worked with some minor issues.

Note: Read the instructions carefully. The images do not show how to do everything.

When creating the Editing Form make sure that when you drag a new ice:form is NOT inside the first ice:form. Dragging and dropping the form on the page will automatically embed it in the other form. Use the Navigator tab in NetBeans to drag it outside of the first form.

Adding AJAX Push

Items #3 and #4: has you create a bean called RenderManager, and then use it in Item#4. The problem is that in one case it is called RenderManager and the other is called renderManager. A big difference. Fix it by calling the bean renderManager.

Configure The Grizzly ARP Engine

I was using GlassFish version 2.1 so I did not need to configure the Grizzly engine. I did however need to Comet support to the http-listener in the domain.xml file.

<property name="cometSupport" value="true"></property>


I was impressed with the ease of doing the tutorial. I would suggest that the ICEFaces folks update the tutorial for NetBeans 6.5 and fix some of the minor deficiencies as I noted above.


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