Monday, July 19, 2010

Maven Web Application on NetBeans

I was looking through the nbj2ee forums for NetBeans this morning. One of the items that caught my attention was a question about how to use the taglibs in the editor. It seems that once you add a taglib to the jsp page you get a TagLibraryValidator exception. I would have thought that the default project would have included the required libraries, but it does not. I opened a bug 188765 on it, but it probably should be an enhancement. My only issue is that the default project is a JSP page, and without the JSTL it is simply html. So the addition of the library is required to do something useful. Also, it is not apparent what the issue is with auto-complete without the library.

To get the Editor to work properly, you need to add a dependency to the pom.xml for the standard tag libraries.

This should allow the auto-complete functionality to work as expected for the standard tag libraries. Here is an example of the error message:


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