Monday, July 02, 2012

JavaFX 2.2 Pie Chart with JPA 2.0

Shipping Costs By Purchase Order
I saw an example of a Pie Chart using JavaFX. I thought that it looked really nice and I wondered how easy it would be to do using JPA 2.0, an example Apache Derby DB included in NetBeans, and NetBeans 7.2.

Well the first iteration took about 10 minutes, and the tweaking took another 15 minutes. Basically, if you asked me to do it again, I bet I could do it in under 5 minutes. My output looks really cool too.

I saw an old post using JavaFXScript to create a similar output which was used in JSF. I am wondering if I can do the same thing using version 2.2 of JavaFX, or if I should wait until the HTML libraries are complete.

The code for the project can be downloaded here:


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