Saturday, April 06, 2013

Java EE @WebFilter Filters

I got an email from a developer a couple of days ago that was complaining that the filters he implemented were not executing on the url patterns he had set. The email was not explicit enough for me to determine if the ordering was an issue too. I created a simple project that shows how to use @WebFilter (Servlet Filters). I was going to dispose of the code, but I thought it might have some redeeming qualities for those who may need a working example.

I have commented out the @WebFilter annotations so that the web.xml controls the ordering. If you uncomment the @WebFilter annotations, you will need to comment the lines in the web.xml. Doing so will produce the same issues reported to me about execution and ordering.

Here is the NetBeans project using Apache Maven: zsolt-filter-example. I didn't want to put in a repo since it was not really a planned project.


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