Wednesday, September 11, 2013

JAX-RS 1.x Tip of the Day: Using POST with JAX-RS
I was looking over some more unpublished code, and found a simple gem that demonstrates how to use a HTTP POST with JAX-RS and a @Singleton.

The code was originally developed with JAX-RS 1.0, but I went back and retrofitted it to work on JAX-RS 1.1. The code has a @Singleton that manages the "Widgets" that are created using the HTTP POST. It is a simple and fun example of what you can do with JAX-RS.

It is a simple application that creates "Widget" objects and returns JSON with the widget data.

The code for the project can be found here: jersey-post-example

Note: This example application needs to be run on GlassFish 3.1.2+ because of an issue with Guava GlassFish 4.

JSON Response


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