Monday, August 02, 2010

MySQL Sunday | Oracle OpenWorld 2010

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MySQL Sunday | Oracle OpenWorld 2010 I wish there was more time at JavaOne. There are so many events going on at the same time that it makes it hard to decide which ones to attend. On Sunday alone, there are two major events: MySQL Sunday, and Java User Groups Sunday. Since I am a speaker at Java User Groups Sunday, and one of the Java User Groups community leaders, I must attend our event. However, l wish I could attend this event too.

Later in the evening, the GlassFish community is going to meet for an unconference and probably a few beverages. The Java User Groups Leaders are having a dinner at the same time across town. Could I clone myself: johnyeary.clone();? I want to attend both. My luck the OpenJDK folks will meet Sunday night too.

This is going to be a different JavaOne. It will be the first since the acquisition of Sun by Oracle. I am curious how it is going to compare to past JavaOne events.

My favorite JavaOne was 2005 with the release of Java SE and EE 5 along with GlassFish. Is this going to be one to remember?
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