Monday, March 25, 2013

JSF 2.1 Tip of the Day: RichFaces 4.3.x Drag and Drop

Multiple DnD Targets
The Primefaces version of my drag-n-drop (DnD) for JSF has been very popular. I didn't want my friends at Red Hat feeling left out. I did a couple of examples using drag-n-drop with the same arrow demo as the Primefaces example: JSF 2.1.x Tip of the Day: Primefaces 3.5 <p:ring/> Drag-N-Drop Example.

I did have a little more fun with using Java to clone some of the arrows so that you could see how to use them multiple times.



The project was developed using NetBeans 7.3 and Apache Maven. The Mercurial project can be found on BitBucket here: richfaces-dnd-examples



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