Thursday, March 14, 2013

JSF Tip of the Day: PrimeFaces 3.0 Tree Drag and Drop Example

I worked on a proof of concept for a drag and drop enabled <p:tree /> for a project I was working on. At the time, PrimeFaces was just starting the path to 3.0, and I was working with a snapshot. The POC was part of a decision making process on which JSF framework, or combination of frameworks to use.

This drag and drop example was part of the the work Optimus Prime and his team created as a potential functionality for the <p:tree /> component. In the final release, this functionality was removed. I still have high hopes that in PrimeFaces 3.5.+ that it will be added back into the product. It was a cool idea and one that we had hoped to take advantage of in our products.

If you need this functionality currently, and don't mind using a 3.0-SNAPSHOT release, you can have a drag and drop <p:tree />. I published this since it was a good example, and I thought someone might need this specific functionality. Otherwise it is code lost in time.

The Mercurial project can be pulled from BitBucket and was developed using NetBeans and Apache Maven.

The code can be found here: primefaces-tree-dragdrop-demo



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