Wednesday, August 28, 2013

JSF 2.x Tip of the Day: Guice ELResolver using SLF4J Logging


I was recently tasked with looking at some mechanisms to control logging in our JSF applications. This included a number of proof of concept ideas to see which Dependency Injection (DI) mechanisms we could use. We are currently using CDI (Weld), and OpenWebbeans in our applications. I had previously used Guice for doing DI in some other applications especially in Java SE which I found it very easy to use.

As I looked around, I found that I could not find a good example of how to use Guice with JSF 2.x. There were a number of articles from over the years for using Guice with JSF 1.2 primarily, but nothing that used some of the great enhancements to JSF 2. I also found very little on how to implement FacesWrapper to wrap ApplicationFactory, Application, and ELResolver. The exception being ELResolver code that you can find in OmniFaces.


The implementation uses a number of techniques to inject our custom ELResolver. First we will use a FacesWrapper to wrap the ApplicationFactory. Our implementation will return a custom ApplicationWrapper implementation, that will return a custom FacesWrapper for our ELResolver. This arrangement may seem complex, but separates the concerns to allow us to refactor them as necessary.

The code for this project can be found here: jsf-guice-logger-integration


There are additional classes that do the logging that can be found in the project. The primary interest here is how to get an ELResolver implementation that will resolve our Guice injections. I hope this demonstration of JSF 2.x wrappers can show you how easy it is to implement custom wrappers including a custom ELResolver.



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