Saturday, January 21, 2012

NetBeans 7.1 IDE: Remote Database Connections

The NetBeans 7.1 IDE has a feature that has been around for a while, but does not get as much attention as it should. NetBeans allows you to take advantage of using remote databases for doing Java development. There are a number of wizards which can take advantage of connections created in the Services → Database tab.

In the demonstration video, I connect to a remote Apache Derby Database, but the same principals apply to any database as long as you have JDBC drivers available.

Tips & Tricks

To verify that a remote database is Apache Derby (Java DB) which is listening on port 1527 (default Derby port). I connect to the remote application and append XXX;create=true; to the end of the connection string. When I test the database connection, if it is Apache Derby, it will create the new database which confirms our suspicion.

This 3 minute video demonstrates this valuable feature which developers should use for all their database needs.


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