Saturday, January 21, 2012

NetBeans 7.1 IDE: Shelve and Un-Shelve Changes

The NetBeans 7.1 IDE introduces a really cool new feature called shelving. This allows a developer to make changes to a project without committing them to a source control system.

How often have you wanted to try out some new idea on your code without having to check it into source control? This allows you to do just that.

What is shelving?

Shelving creates a patch based on whether an individual file, files, or project is selected. This is a standard patch file and can be applied from the command line, or sent via email to others.

A nice feature is that you can provide meaningful names to the shelved changes. This makes it easier to go back later and apply them to your project.

Note: This functionality is only available for Subversion and Mercurial based projects.

I created a five minute video to demonstrate this really cool new feature.


ReinoutS said...

Unfortunately, it seems there is no word in the Help documents about the Shelve feature!

John Yeary said...

This is true. Even the release notes simply mention it. There are no details on its use. That is why I created the video.

It is a cool feature no doubt.

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